Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 17 Punt Plays

Week 17 Punt Plays

Every week John Lee, Cecil Lammey and I (Jeff Pasquino) discuss our punt plays for DraftKings on The Audible to close out our weekly DFS DraftKings podcast.  These are players that we are looking at to fill in a last spot on our lineups that are relatively cheap.  We have all been there - we have only a few bucks left and 1-2 spots to go in our roster, and we need a good value play to fill in that gap.  The rules we play by are that the player must not cost more than $3,500.

Just like always, I can only use one on the show - and I am not going to steal the thunder from our three picks that make the airwaves - but I will share a few guys that did not make it for the final cut.  Last week we all took the Giants, but only Rueben Randle paid off.  This week is trickier, but I think that there are some interesting values.  Who exactly? You have to listen!  So, tune in for my pick this week, and give the following list of additional punt plays for this week a read and tell me what you think, either in the comments or on twitter (@JeffPasquino).   Here goes:

Jonas Gray, RB, Jaguars ($3,000) - Rumor has it that the Jaguars want to get Gray a good look this week.  For this cheap, if he gets 15+ touches, cash and GPP value are both within reach against the Texans.

Anquan Boldin, WR, 49ers ($3,500) - Not a sexy pick, but San Francisco has been playing pretty well of late, and Boldin gets plenty of targets.  Grabbing 4-6 passes for 50-70 yards will create plenty of value here against St. Louis.

Jerick McKinnon, RB, Vikings ($3,500) -  This is more of a late swap value play, as the Vikings may not be going all out on Sunday Night Football if they can get the Redskins in the Wild Card round.  Throw in that Adrian Peterson may lock up the rushing title and Minnesota can rest him in favor of McKinnon, who is healthier than ADP.

Steven Jackson, RB, Patriots ($3,300) - New England wants to get ready for another Super Bowl run, and what better way can they do that than to see what Steven Jackson has left in the tank in Week 17?  Running against Miami is a good test to see what he can offer for the postseason.

Jeremy Butler, WR, Ravens ($3,500) - Baltimore is truly playing out the string, but Butler has been seeing a lot of targets of late and both Butler and Ryan Mallett are playing for 2016 jobs.  Not a bad choice here for a player who is motivated against a Bengals team that will be forcing Baltimore to throw.

Jaelen Strong, WR, Texans ($3,000) - Could be worth the gamble to take the rookie wide receiver for Houston as they have nothing to play for and could be resting other guys while they get a look at the young talent.

Thanks for reading as always, and be sure to check out The DraftKings' Audible episode every week, and subscribe to The Audible on iTunes.  Good luck this week!


  1. For Week 17 punt plays, I recommend looking at players on teams that are out of playoff contention or are playing for a playoff spot. Players on teams with nothing to play for may be more willing to take risks, so they could potentially have higher upside.

  2. This is more of a late swap value play, since the Vikings may not go all out on Sunday Night Football if the Redskins are eliminated in the Wild Card round. Add in the possibility that Adrian Peterson may win the rushing title, allowing Minnesota to rest him in favor of McKinnon, who is healthier than ADP. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good job! Continue to spread the word. Please take a peek at my website.

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