Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 17 Cost Efficiency Breakdown

As always, I took a long look at Week 17 from a cost-efficiency standpoint - who actually produces the most value for your DFS dollar? You'll find the full breakdown here, but take a peek at one of the week's top value plays:

As always, there’s little downside and monstrous upside in Julio Jones, who draws the Saints for Week 17. New Orleans has gotten better cornerback play of late, with youngster Devin Breaux shining in coverage, but we still have to consider Jones the favorite there. Needing 25.5 to cash, Jones is a bit of a stretch in a meaningless game against a talented young cornerback. But his talent level and deep-seeded involvement in his offense ensure that matchup is never a real concern. After all, he notched 140% of that 25.5 cash marker against Josh Norman and the suffocating Panthers last week, and 110% of it against the Vontae Davis-led Colts in Week 11.


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