Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Draftkings College Football Roster Change

Draftkings has recently updated their college football roster with some several key changes for the 2015 college fantasy football season.

1) The tight end position has been removed from the roster
2) All tight ends will be considered wide receivers
3) An additional flex position has been added in place of the tight end position

What does this mean?

  • This change allows for greater lineup diversity. Having two flex positions allows for each player to create a unique lineup customized to how they want to approach the week. If a player wants to start four value play running backs they now have the ability to do that and spend a majority of their salary at the other positions.
  • It is now even more critical to get the best information. If there is a cheap back up running back starting that week, with two flex positions it is critical that the running back goes is in your lineup. The reason is that he will be under priced, thus allowing for flexibility throughout the rest of your roster. At we will be providing updates throughout the week regarding who the key values are, how you should approach building a lineup, as well as any breaking Saturday morning news. This will be a part of our college football content that will be released soon.
  • This change will reduce the amount of variance and uncertainty that new college football players have. Most college football programs do not utilize the tight end enough to be fantasy relevant, so over the last few years those playing DFS would attempt to take a value play tight end hoping that he would score a touchdown. This does not make for a good college football DFS experience for a new user first trying the game having to predict which tight end is going to score a touchdown.
  • It is critical to correctly evaluate the tight ends value at wide receiver. While we are still waiting Draftkings pricing, it will be interesting to see how they price the tight ends as wide receivers. There could be a potential situation where the top end tight ends are both under-priced and under-owned due to not being a true wide receiver. 

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