Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Contrarian: Week 12 

Looking for a hidden gem or two to help round out your lineups? Then check out The Contrarian for Week 12 where we go through each position to help identify some of this week's top under the radar plays. We also take a look at several situations that may have a few diamonds in the rough that will be lowly owned for Week 12. Here's a sneak peek at one of this week's top contrarian selections:

DeAngelo Williams, $5,700
We touched on the strength of the Seahawks rushing defense earlier and how that will lead many to shy away from opposing running backs. While the Seahawks remain strong against the run, stronger teams have had some success – the Panthers in Week 6 and the Cardinals in Week 10. The Steelers may not be quite at that level, but they remain in control of the top Wild Card spot in the AFC. Williams has filled in admirably since assuming the lead back role and he could be in line for a sneaky good performance on Sunday. The Steelers have too many weapons for a slipping Seahawks defense to completely hold them in check.  
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