Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gaining an edge in the New Orleans-Washington matchup

Any shrewd DFSer is currently neck-deep in diagnosing the Saints-Washington game. With a Vegas projection of 50 points, this matchup looks poised to churn out both cash and GPP wins for a lot of players. So who stands out?

Jordan Reed ($4,600) and Ben Watson ($4,300) - Take your pick of the TE1 options, but I lean toward Reed and his superior ceiling. The two boast similar floors, but Reed is excelling in the red zone, where Washington has been exceptionally busy.
Mark Ingram ($6,400) - The only thing that's held back Ingram's full RB1 potential of late has been Khiry Robinson vulturing goal line runs. Robinson is now out, and C.J. Spiller simply isn't a part of the offense. Ingram could dominate touches in a positive or neutral Saints game script.
Willie Snead ($4,900) - Snead keeps on chugging, with almost the exact same projections as teammate Brandin Cooks at a much lower tag.

Kirk Cousins ($5,200) and DeSean Jackson ($5,400) - Here's an interesting stack, one that John Mamula discussed yesterday. Cousins is not a good quarterback, but he's throwing a ton right now - especially near the goal line. He'll be a relatively hot GPP target, but Reed will be the most common stack partner, so Jackson offers a lot of differentiation value. This is an entirely burnable secondary he's facing Sunday.

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