Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 11 Punt Plays

Week 11 Punt Plays

Every week John Lee, Cecil Lammey and I (Jeff Pasquino) discuss our punt plays for DraftKings on The Audible to close out our weekly DFS DraftKings podcast.  These are players that we are looking at to fill in a last spot on our lineups that are relatively cheap.  We have all been there - we have only a few bucks left and 1-2 spots to go in our roster, and we need a good value play to fill in that gap.  The rules we play by are that the player must not cost more than $3,500.

So who made my short list for this week?  Well, I can only use one on the show - and I am not going to steal the thunder from our three picks that make the airwaves - but I will share a few guys that did not make it for the final cut.  Some of them look pretty solid this week, so give them a read and tell me what you think, either in the comments or on twitter (@JeffPasquino).  Here goes:

Robert Woods, WR, Bills ($3,400) - A big, home run hitting wide receiver on Monday Night Football against the Patriots?  Sounds like a reasonable gamble, especially in the game with the biggest Las Vegas total at 49 points.

Dontrell Inman, WR, Chargers ($3,000) - No truth to the rumors that the Chargers were having open tryouts at wide receiver on their bye week, but what is true is that San Diego has limited options again this week against Kansas City.  The Chiefs are terrible against wide receivers, and Inman could be the WR2 this week starting for San Diego.

Doug Baldwin, WR, Seahawks ($3,500) - Props to Cecil Lammey who wanted this as his punt play for the week, but we talked him up too much on the show!  Great pick if you can squeeze him in as the top wideout for Seattle in a game where they should coast and be able to do pretty much whatever they want on offense.

David Givens, WR, Ravens ($3,200) - Joe Flacco has to throw to someone, right?  The Rams are not the easiest secondary to face, but Givens did find the end zone last week and he could do it again.

Thanks for reading as always, and be sure to check out The DraftKings' Audible episode every week, and subscribe to The Audible on iTunes.  Good luck this week!

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  1. I assume you mean Chris Givens? I also like Funchess as a punt play