Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 13 DraftKings Contests

Week 13 DraftKings Contests

The biggest and best contests are all highlighted each week at Footballguys.  Check out the highlights here, and also over at the DraftKings lobby.

Here is just one example, which is the $375,000 Slant.  For just $9, you get an entry in this GPP where 9,725 out of 47,916 entries (if it sells out).  That is more than 20% of the entrants getting a return, and the minimum payout is $18, or twice your entry fee.  Even better, the Top 1% of the entrants all get at least $75, or more than eight times the entry fee.  Of course the big prize is $25,000, but I like to look at the overall structure and consider those measures (cash line at 20% or more entrants, 8x or more for Top 1%), so this is a great contest to try.

Good luck this week!

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