Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DraftKings' Turbo Survivor

This week you might have missed the news that DraftKings released a new contest for this week.  Actually, the contest starts this week but it is really a three week long contest that they are calling "Turbo Survivor", where you can enter a team for $5 and walk away in three weeks with $30,000:

The contest works like this - you enter a team and compete against (up to) 69,000 teams, and the Top 20,000 advance to NFL Week 6 (Week 2 of the contest).  The next week, 20,000 teams (and hopefully at least one of your entries) competes to finish in the Top 25%, where 5,000 teams advance to NFL Week 7.  From there everyone wins at least their money back in the 2,000-player finals, and the Top prize is $30,000.  Sounds like a great contest and a fun format.  Read more about this right here.


  1. It looks to me like just getting into Round 2 you get your $5 back(Clicking on the View Full Prize Structure link shows 20,000th place pays $5). And the final round(round 3) is 5,000 people not 2,000 as mentioned in this post.....but Top Prize is $30,000...and it does look like a great contest and a fun format!

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  3. how to enter week 2? i advanced but are they using the same lineups? because i cant find the contest in the lobby to redeem my chip and enter a new lineup, i mean because L. Murray in my lineup doesnt even play this week...dont tell me we are stuck with the same lineups