Saturday, October 17, 2015

Handling Week 6 Injuries with Pivots

I get that everyone wants to start Dion Lewis if he's in, but you will have to wait for Sunday Night Football to see if he is active.  The question is, how do you manage your lineup?

First, put Lewis in and have someone from Monday Night Football.  My recommendation here is to go with Lewis ($5,800) and Jordan Matthews ($6,200).  The simple pivot is to move from Lewis if he is out to LeGarrette Blount ($4,400), saving $1,400.  Just replace Matthews with Julian Edelman ($7,600), who just happens to cost exactly $1,400 more than Matthews.

So for $12,000 you get either Lewis and Matthews or Blount and Edelman.  I like both pairs here, and if Lewis is out, some of his targets are likely to go to Edelman anyway.

Good luck.


  1. Very awesome advice ive been trying to figure out how to make the proper pivots in my lineups as well. Just moving on from Lewis seems safest to me cause belicheck was already hard to trust for rbs week to week

  2. great post Jeff. I would also suggest people construct a plan for Javorious "Buck" Allen should Forsett scratch.

  3. Well, let's talk Buck. He's at 4300, so why not put him in and if you need to pivot, go with Vereen at 4200?.