Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Millionaire Maker Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Preview

My weekly recap of the top lineups, trends and strategies used in the DraftKings Millionaire Maker tournament can be found here. Some of the major takeaways from Week 4 are:

1. It was one of the lowest-scoring weeks in recent memory and almost all of the top wide receivers vastly underperformed. Most of the week's top receiver scores came from players priced below $5,000 (Vincent Jackson, Allen Hurns, and Tavon Austin for example). Interestingly, even on the top lineups the WR3s (as determined by price) far outscored the WR1s.

Would it be a worthwhile strategy to enter a Millionaire Maker lineup while trying to stick to an artificially lower cap of ~$45,000? It's an interesting concept to ponder. In a week like the one we just experienced, this strategy would have saved you from overpaying for Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Jr., Randall Cobb and the many other highly priced busts and forced you to assemble a lineup with multiple cheaper wide receiver options (which likely would have been beneficial). A strategy like this also automatically gives you a highly unique lineup since you are making entirely different decisions about how to allocate your cap and likely dealing with a unique pool of players to choose from. In weeks where the top receivers and backs perform as expected, you are likely sunk. But if things play out like they did in Week 4, you could be well positioned to take home first overall. It's a boom-bust strategy, but that's what you are looking for in these top-heavy GPPs.

2. For the second straight week, you almost had to own Devonta Freeman. He again outpaced the field at running back and separated the contenders from the pretenders in the Millionaire Maker. Can you fade him in Week 5 at a $6,300 price point?

3. You had to nail tight end to finish near the top in Week 4. Charles Clay and Martellus Bennett were both "chalk" plays with favorable matchups and extra targets expected due to Sammy Watkins and Alshon Jeffery being out with injury. Both produced solid scores that were especially valuable in a week where only one player topped 200 points.

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