Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 8 Punt Plays

Every week John Lee and I (Jeff Pasquino) discuss our punt plays for DraftKings on The Audible to close out our weekly DFS DraftKings podcast.  These are players that we are looking at to fill in a last spot on our lineups that are relatively cheap.  We have all been there - we have only a few bucks left and 1-2 spots to go in our roster, and we need a good value play to fill in that gap.  The rules we play by are that the player must not cost more than $3,500.

So who made my short list for this week?  Well, I can only use one on the show - and I am not going to steal the thunder from our three picks that make the airwaves - but I will share a few guys that did not make it for the final cut.  Some of them look pretty solid this week, so give them a read and tell me what you think, either in the comments or on twitter (@JeffPasquino).  Here goes:

Ladarius Green, TE, Chargers ($3,000) - It hardly seems fair to take Green as a punt play this week with so many San Diego receivers out and against a bad Baltimore secondary, but someone has to shoot those fish in the barrel, right?  He is not the only tight end to target this week though - so listen to The Audible for more!

Ted Ginn, WR,  Panthers ($3,400) - Quick - who is the top wide receiver in Carolina these days?  No fair, you just read his name.  Teddy Ginn Jr. has 18 catches, 283 yards and three touchdowns for the 6-0 Panthers as he is back and better than ever in Panther blue.  Ginn faces an Indianapolis secondary on Monday Night Football that just gave up 27 points to the Saints and I think that they will try and stop TE Greg Olsen first, leaving Ginn open for a few end zone chances.

Charles Sims, RB, Buccaneers ($3,600) - Wait, you are cheating at $3,600 by $100, right?  Well, that's the podcast rules, and more importantly, you need to read up on Sims.  There is a ton of value this week so get the right punts in your lineup.  This "Cecil Lammey Special" targets a back that will catch a lot of balls out of the backfield for Jameis Winston this week for a Tampa team lacking in targetable receivers for Week 8.

Donteea Dye, WR, Buccaneers ($3,000) - Who?  The best wide receiver ever to come out of Heidelburg University, that's who!  The Division III standout caught one pass for a touchdown last week and he is likely to start in place of Vincent Jackson this week, so grab him and hope for the best.  He's a dark horse for sure, but if he can get another touchdown, you are sitting on a gold mine here as not many people will have him, I can guarantee that!

Thanks for reading as always, and be sure to check out The DraftKings' Audible episode every week, and subscribe to The Audible on iTunes.  Good luck this week!

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