Thursday, October 22, 2015

Interview with DraftKings $50,000 Winner Josh Fey

Ever wonder what it's like to bring home $50,000 playing DraftKings Daily Fantasy Football? Well this week I interviewed subscriber Josh Fey and he shared some insight on what it as like. Josh finished second last week in DraftKings $1.5M Play Action GPP, landing him a $50,000 payday! Congrats Josh!

Here are some snippets from the interview. You can find the full article on

FBG: Describe what it was like for that final five minutes. How did you feel as the clock ticked down to zero?
JF: Miserable - and awesome at the same time.  I finished 2nd to a guy that had the D/ST playing on Monday Night.  So I still had a chance to take 1st if the opposing team (Giants) scored a TD.  But there were also people creeping up as Philadelphia was running out the clock with Demarco Murray - who hit the 100 yard bonus in the final drive.  Not having any people going in the last game of the week left me feeling awfully helpless.  The last few plays were victory-formation - QB kneels, so I could relax for about the last 60 seconds.
FBG: DraftKings allows you to change your lineup any time before the game starts. Did you change or consider changing any players at the last minute? What were your thoughts behind why you did or did not do it?
JF: My last player played Sunday night - LeGarrette Blount.  I did consider switching him out, but he was a really cheap RB option (4400) so wasn't left with many choices that I thought had the upside that Blount had.  I felt pretty good about Blount given his history against the Colts and figured the game script would be good for him and ownership would be pretty low (ended up just under 14%, which was higher than I expected)
FBG: How many DraftKings contests do you play each week? How many cash games (Double Up or 50/50) do you play compared with tournaments each week?  Is there a strategy that you use in choosing your contest and if so, would you describe it?
JF: I play from $60-$120 a week (at least so far).  I'd say 85% of those are large field 50/50s a Double Ups.  There are some weeks I can't put in as much research time or don't feel as comfortable with my cash lineups that will make me be on the lower end of my weekly wager. 
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