Sunday, September 13, 2015

ESPN Friends of the 06010 Free Roll

ESPN is sponsoring a free roll for listeners of their Fantasy Focus Football Podcast (affectionately referred to in the industry as the 06010).

It's a single entry tournament with no limit on participants, though as of this writing there were only 4,829 entrants. The top 91 lineups will receive tickets to cash contests. Total prizes are worth $500. Here's the breakdown:
  • 1st - NFL $20 Millionaire Maker ticket
  • 2nd-36th - $9 ticket
  • 37th-91st - $3 ticket
The cool part is that this contest is "season long", meaning you'll be able to enter a new free roll every week, and someone (presumably from ESPN and/or DraftKings) will be keeping a season tally of scores. I haven't seen any grand prizes announced for the season-long points winner, but I have to imagine Matthew Berry and company have something in mind.

In any event, you'll never get more +EV than you will with a free roll. Enjoy, and good luck in Week 1.


  1. Can you still enter this or did you have to join before the season started?

  2. This is good news, I like to play these games with freerolls. By the way, recently won a discount on the purchase of tickets on this resource Good service, use it regularly when I want to buy a ticket for any kind of event. Maybe someone come in handy.

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