Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 3 Millionaire Maker recap

My weekly in-depth recap of the top lineups and strategies used in the Millionaire Maker tournament was just posted to the Footballguys.com site. Here are a few of my main takeaways from Week 3:

1. For the first time this season, you weren't necessarily rewarded for paying up for Julio Jones despite his strong performance (43.4 points). The stronger strategy was a more balanced approach at Wide Receiver that spread cap space out between three or four of the following players: Randall Cobb ($7,300), A.J. Green ($7,200), Steve Smith Sr. ($6,300), Brandon Marshall ($6,200) and Larry Fitzgerald ($5,800). These receivers in the mid-high priced tier all had strong performances and the full PPR scoring and 100-yard bonus on DraftKings makes it very rewarding to hit on three or more receivers who post big reception totals, 100+ yards and one or more touchdowns.

2. Devonta Freeman was absolutely essential to a top-scoring lineup. Freeman outscored the second-highest scoring running back by almost 15 points and 100% of the top finishers owned Freeman. It was just one of those weeks in the large-GPPs where you either picked Freeman or finished behind somebody who did.

3. The stacks are back. Nearly all of the top finishers employed the stacking strategy with Andy Dalton-A.J. Green and Cam Newton-Greg Olsen both proving to be extremely strong combinations. It was a "chalk" week with the top scoring Quarterbacks all leaning heavily on their top targets (Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers were also a strong combination).

Looking forward to Week 4, I am intrigued by another QB-TE stack similar to Newton-Olsen with Tyrod Taylor and Charles Clay facing a poor Giants pass defense. Their low prices allow you to roster four top receivers in the mid-high price range with huge upside. T.Y. Hilton ($6,700), Jordan Matthews ($6,600), Larry Fitzgerald ($6,500), Mike Evans ($6,400) and Jeremy Maclin ($5,800) are all in that sweet spot of pricing that led to a lot of success in Week 3. The low-priced QB-TE combination also allows you to add a pair of mid-high priced running backs, with Latavius Murray ($6,300), Mark Ingram ($6,000), Joseph Randle ($5,500) and Devonta Freeman ($5,200) all strong options to fill out a high-upside Millionaire Maker lineup in Week 4.

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