Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CFB Week 4 Recap: SEC Conference

Another huge Saturday of College Football is right around the corner. DraftKings has posted their early set of games in the lobby and the slate includes a huge number of games - 19 to be exact. That's a ton of games to research for one slate of games but relax - Footballguys has you covered with all the information you need to build some winning lineups. A good place to start is to review the week that was in College Football. Each week, we go game-by-game for each of the top conferences and let you know the players that should be on your radar for this week and going forward. You can check out this week's recap of the SEC Conference here.


  1. The Southeastern Organization (SEC) is a college sports conference in the United States with member universities predominantly in the South Central and Southeast. Ten state flagship public institutions, three more public land-grant universities, and one private research university are among its fourteen members. Birmingham, Alabama is the conference's headquarters. In athletics, the SEC competes in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); in football, it competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), originally known as Division I-A. We are now playing Red Ball on PC!

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