Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Morning Switching - Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets

DeMarco Murray is out for Philadelphia.

Darren Sproles @ $3800  and Ryan Mathews @ $3300 become interesting adds this week.

They are playing the tough New York Jets defense, but Sproles and Mathews both catch the ball well out of the backfield, so the check down and dump off passes that both will get this weekend will more than make up for the difference.  Neither will be highly owned, and both have a reasonable chance to reach 3x value.

On the other side of the ball, Eric Decker is out. Chris Owusu is also out.

That makes Brandon Marshall the key to the entire passing offense against the Eagles this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick @ $5100 and Marshall @6200 make an interesting stack this week for your GPP contests.

Chris Ivory made the active list, but he will probably be limited this week due to a quadriceps injury. Bilal Powell has been getting about 15 touches a game, including 5 receiving targets. At a bargain basement $3000, Powell is a good value pick this week since he won't need much offense to reach 3 or even 4X value.

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