Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 Offensive Line Match-Ups Of Note 

Positive Match-ups To Trust: 

  • 8th CIN O-Line vs 30th SD defensive front seven (+22).
  • 3rd PHI O-Line vs 25th DAL defensive front seven (+22).
  • 10th MIA O-Line @ 28th JAX defensive front seven (+18).
  • 14th CHI O-Line vs 31st AZ defensive front seven (+17).
Positive Match-ups But Shaky QB:
  • 2nd CLE O-Line vs 20th TEN defensive front seven (+18).
  • 18th TB O-Line @ 32nd NO defensive front seven (+14).

Negative Match-ups But Great QB:

  • 26th NE O-Line @ 4th BUF defensive front seven (-22).
  • 25th IND O-Line vs 11th NYJ defensive front seven (-14).  
Negative Match-ups To Fade:
  • 31st MIN O-Line vs 10th DET defensive front seven (-21).
  • 24th BUF O-Line vs 1st NE defensive front seven (-23).
  • 32nd STL O-Line @ 15th WAS defensive front seven (-17).

A Look Back At Week 1's Match-ups Of Note

This week I added a caveat about the quality of the quarterbacks. A team with a franchise caliber quarterback can overcome bad line play. A team with a shaky quarterback can make life harder. This can be seen in the performances of Matt Ryan and Phillip Rivers. These players can overcome terrible matchups, and were the inspiration for the middle ground categories. 

Going back to the Week 1's Match-ups of note, the fade ATL and SD calls admittedly weren't great.  However, this is a learning experience, and more positively, there was some valuable information in the first batch.
Green Bay did in fact run wild, in both the running and passing game, that was a great call. Also, it was smart to recommend staying away from both Seattle and St. Louis. Marshawn Lynch will have much better days than 18 carries for 73 yards (and a resounding stuff on 4th and 1 in overtime).  On the other side of the football, Rams quarterback Nick Foles had fantasy points but St. Louis did not have any running game of which to speak.
Best of luck this week, you kings of draft.  


  1. I think you made a typo. It says PIT @ STL. I think it's PIT @ 49ers.

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