Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Contrarian: DraftKings Week 2

When building your lineups for DFS, the temptation to play the chalk plays and players who look like can't-miss targets for the week is strong. A lineup full of these players will usually not get you too far in GPPs as chances are these players will be among the highest-owned players of the week. A little uniqueness is needed to really help set your lineups apart.

That's where a little contrarian thinking comes in handy. A little outside the box thinking can you help you find the hidden gems that may be overlooked. Choosing the right one or two of them can pay some handsome dividends. Last week The Contrarian pointed us to Alex Smith and he went on to score 23.22 points on DraftKings while having an ownership percentage of 0.4% in the $10M Millionaire Maker. Not bad for a salary of $6,200.

Each week, The Contrarian goes position by position to help you dig a little deeper and find the hidden gems that can help set you apart on the leaderboards. You can check out this week's article here.  

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