Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 2 Overlay Check-in

A few Week 2 NFL overlays are sticking out to me. With 50 hours to go, consider taking advantage of one of these contests:

  • Start, of course, with the $10M Millionaire Maker, which remains just 29% full. It's a $20 shot at winning up to $2M with an awesome payout structure along the way. If this overlays, everyone involved is going to get a boost in the biggest NFL contest of the week.
  • I'm also getting into the $500K Slant. For a $9 entry, the top 20% will at least double up, with $40,000 going to 1st. And it's less than a third full right now.
  • There's also a great small-ball overlay sitting there, a $5 Double Up that's just 22% filled. This could turn into a near-50/50 in a massive field of entries.

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