Monday, September 14, 2015

Sweat Checks

In daily fantasy football, Monday Night Football has become synonymous with sweating out strong finishes in our cash games and tournaments.  Tonight, DraftKings will crown two millionaires in their Millionaire Maker contest (NOTE: I am not one of them); you can bet that several hundred people across the country are 'working' today with little on their mind other than their current DraftKings' score and that Bradford to Matthews stack they have sitting in that same lineup within striking distance of the current leader, indy597, who has 214.06 points.  There is zero doubt that 214.06 points will not win this thing, so send your condolences to indy597, who is going to watch two million dollars leave his "Currently Winning" tab on the DraftKings' website before halftime of the Eagles/Falcons game tonight.

There are seven entries in the top 100 with at least one player remaining and literally thousands of entries with a chance--are you one of them?  If so, please share your sweat in the comments section; if not, do you have another sweat tonight--share it in the comments section, so we can take the ride with you!


  1. Closest I came was about 50 points or so from the top but good for 986 place.

  2. My first gpp plays ever last night and one of my $3 plays was up 1k at half time of the second game. Couldn't hang on for the big pot but still doubled my initial $200 deposit.

  3. This past weekend, I played for the first time on DraftKings. I didn't spend big money. Entered the NFL $1 million kickoff contest, with a $100,000 top prize. Out of 388,000 entries, I wound up with $75 at #345, or top .1%. Now I am obsessed with trying to beat the field on week #2.

    ..and yes, I was within reach of the top prize before the Monday night games, but didn't think it was realistic. But I jumped from #100,000 to in-the-money, so now I fear my wife will lose me each weekend as I frantically check my scores.

  4. I picked the wrong roster for the Millionaire Maker, my best roster for the weekend (174.00) was in the running for $300+ entering Monday night, but really didn't sweat anything. Overall, playing all tournaments in week 1 I profited 50%, so I'll call it good. I usually don't play the big jackpots, had I skipped the Milli, my returns would have been even better. :)