Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DraftKings CFB Interactive Value Chart

Footballguys has been covering NFL contests at DraftKings for the past couple years, but we've got a new treat in store for our subscribers this season: college football!

College football DFS contests are difficult to play well. There are so many teams that doing projections for all of them is quite intimidating. And if you don't have access to projections for each team, you're going to struggle to build anything approaching an optimal lineup.

New this year, we've got college football projections for you! Devin Knotts is leading the way for us with projections for every game covered by DraftKings each week. As of this writing, DraftKings has contests from two slates of games posted -- the Thursday slate and the early Saturday slate.

We've taken Devin's projections for those games and loaded them into our Interactive Value Charts (subscriber-only). Building a solid CFB lineup should no longer be intimidating: it should be a breeze. Give the DraftKings CFB Interactive Value Charts a whirl and see what you think.

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