Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stack Check, Week 1

I played four QB-WR stacks across my lineups this week, based upon the h-value projections from my Week 1 Cost Efficiency Breakdown. Two brought me various degrees of success, and the other two more or less muddled along thanks to individual efforts.

What Worked Out?

Tony Romo-Dez Bryant-Jason Witten panned out very nicely - I cashed in my top GPP this week due to their two scores - and should've produced even more. Bryant's injury was a killer, as he was the most affordable of all of the first-tier WR options and had a bright fourth quarter outlook. (Side note: this stack only made it into one of my lineups. I pivoted off of Witten, ironically, because I never trust his red zone potential.)

Ryan Tannehill-Jarvis Landry had the look of a dynamite full-PPR pairing: a pass-happy offense that features the underneath slot receiver taking on a poor secondary. It paid off fairly well, but mostly due to Landry's punt return touchdown. The expectation was that Landry would muster more than 6.6 yards per catch, but he seems to be settling in as an extreme small-ball weapon, far beyond the likes of even Julian Edelman or Brandin Cooks. DraftKings' full-PPR setup is the place for Landry's value.

What Didn't?

Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams was the sexy play of the week thanks to Adams' low salary. It wound up producing serviceably, but those gobs of Adams owners were forced to watch scrap heap superstar James Jones catch two red zone touchdowns. Frustrating stuff, this game of ours.

I ran out Andy Dalton-A.J. Green in of my GPP lineups. The numbers strongly suggested the two would feast on a sorry troop of Raiders cornerbacks. But Green dropped a touchdown that would have given him a WR1 line, and the game script directed the action heavily to Tyler Eifert. Eifert is a guy who projected fairly well, but fell out of my consideration when extra cash allowed me to add Martellus Bennett and Greg Olsen.

Other Successful Stacks

My top RB-DEF play of the week, Chris Ivory-Jets, worked out beautifully. Ivory's ball-control success kept the Browns' pitiful offense even further pressed for scoring opportunity. Most importantly, it built a lead that forced Browns coordinator John DeFilippo to put the game largely into Johnny Manziel's (currently) inept hands.

I love stacking opposing wideouts in high-scoring games, and Week 1 gave me two great options. I jumped on both, and both ultimately disappointed to some degree. Julio Jones-Jordan Matthews was phenomenal, but also very, very highly owned and few DFSers benefited from it. And Bryant-Odell Beckham, Jr. certainly seems like it should have gone much better:
There's little to explain the Giants' offensive game plan for Sunday night. But the underutilization of Beckham was especially puzzling.

Keep an eye on our ever-expanding DraftKings coverage, especially John Mamula's Starting Stacks column, for the premium Footballguys take on your stacking options!


  1. Went with a Ryan Julio stack and having Ryan end with 298 yard (just missing the bonus) was hurtful.....

    1. That's never fun. Ingram fell out of the receiving bonus on a -4 catch in garbage time.