Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Footballguys + RotoGrinders = AWESOME!

We here at Footballguys are proud to announce a partnership with the most recognized daily fantasy sports (DFS) site on the internet, RotoGrinders!

Every Wednesday night at 9:30 PM EST, Footballguys Austin Lee and (his better-looking, unrelated surname-sharer) John Lee will serve as analysts alongside seasoned host and DFS industry champion, Dan Back (also known as db730 in DFS circles) on a live video feed hosted on the RotoGrinders website.  The show will feature an array of NFL analysis including positional battles, injury implications, Sunday recaps, player/team trends, and any news that impacts DFS games across the industry; the trio will dissect these topical NFL news items and tie their analysis back into DFS across the major sites.

You can watch the show LIVE at RotoGrinders Live at 9:30 PM (EST) every Wednesday night or you can catch it on demand on both sites later in the week.  RotoGrinders will also upload the audio content of each show to their RotoGrinders' Daily Fantasy Fix podcast for those who wish to listen to the content from their mobile devices.

Use the comments section to tell us what you want to see/hear these industry experts discuss each week!


  1. You're definitely the better looking Lee. I couldn't pull off this sweet aviators and ascot look:

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