Sunday, September 13, 2015

What DraftKings Games Should I Play?

What Draftkings games should I play? A question daily fantasy sports players wrestle with each week. Especially on Sunday morning during the NFL season. For the staff at, the answer is overlays. These are DraftKings games that have a Guaranteed Prize Pool, but has so few entries that they will not fill up. These games are the ones you want to play because your chances of creating a winning lineup increase dramatically. Here are some games that we are targeting on DraftKings for Sunday Week 1 of the NFL Season:

Guaranteed Prize Pools:

$1,060 Game Changer $1060 Entry Fee - Top 55 are paid. Min: $2000 Max: $50,000
$530 Playmaker $530 Entry - Top 20 paid. Min: $1000 Max: $10,000
$300 NFL Blitz $300 Entry - Top 740 paid. Min: $600 Max: $150,000
$100 Hot Route $100 Entry - Top 565 paid. Min $200 Max: $30,000
$50 Chop Block $50 Entry - Top 690 paid. Min $100 Max: $20,000
$27 Super Booster $27 Entry - Top 200 paid $1000
$12 Hail Mary $12 Entry - Top 10,150 paid. Min $25 Max: $50,000
$9 Slant $9 Entry - Top 10,770 paid. Min $18. Max: $30,000

Cash Games:

The Massive $250 Double Up $250 Entry - Top 100 paid $500
The Massive $25 Double Up $25 Entry - Top 20,000 paid $50
The Massive $10 Double Up $10 Entry - Top 12,500 paid $20

DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship Qualifiers:

$300 $15M Fantasy Football World Championship Qualifier  $300 Entry - Top 18 are paid.
Min: $300. 1st place gets a $1000 entry into $15M Fantasy Football World Championship in Vegas

$100 $15M Fantasy Football World Championship Qualifier $100 Entry - Top 58 are paid.
Min: $100. 1st place gets a $1000 entry into $15M Fantasy Football World Championship in Vegas

All of these contests should not reach their expected maximum number of players. If you are looking to increase your chances of winning this week - one of these games is a good place to start!


  1. Didn't see this till post week 1. Hope you do again for week 2. Thanks!

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