Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New DraftKings Quick Contest Entry Interface

If you have ever wanted to enter more games (usually cash games) faster on DraftKings, you know that every click counts.  That is especially important as kickoff approaches.  DraftKings recognized this problem and did something about it.  Introducing their new quick contest load interface.  Rather than the old way of going with a list of contests, you can now use this new interface.  This prompt will appear after you build a lineup and you want to use it to join one or more contests:

Just click load lineup and up pops this next screen:

Simply continue with the "Enter Now" buttons, or use the bulk enter option (just below the handsome group of players in your lineup, on the right).  The bulk option looks like this:

After picking two or more contests, you will be asked to submit:

And that's it!  Good luck in your contests!


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  2. any idea when this will be implemented?

  3. I think I saw it recently - should be globally available soon.